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Self Expression

Each of us has both a shared and a unique dynamism for the purpose of diversity in harmony.  As individuals, we have qualities, traits, talents, and experiential insights to offer others as part of the collective whole.  

Expressing these beautiful aspects of ourselves brings greater authenticity, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to ourselves and the lives of others.

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Presence Is Purpose

Everything you freely and joyfully do is an expression of self.  You bring your intrinsic value, energy, consciousness, and influence with every thought, word, action, and interaction, and your very presence—demonstrates purpose.


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Expression of Self Is Love

Love is the unencumbered expression of our inner self. We are the embodiment of unbounded love at our core, expressed in physical form.  And when we operate in love, it brings with it—LIGHT.


Self Expression is Freedom

Through self-expression, we are encouraging all those around us to be free to express themselves.  Just as a candle flame ignites the wick of another candle, light diminishes the darkness in its presence and illuminates the way.


"Love is the sweet expression of life. It is the supreme content of life. Love is the force of life, powerful and sublime. The flower of life blooms in love and radiates love all around. Life expresses itself through love. The stream of life is a wave on the ocean of love...And love, even as a twinkling of the faintest star, keeps the light at the altar shining. And in that faintest light of love, someday the individual finds his way, and creeps on in silence, in quietness, drawn by the tiny, tiny love which kept the door open in the hope of fulfillment. In the hope of fulfillment that someday, and sometime, the darkness of the night would give way to the brightness of the midday sun in a clear sky." 

Maharishi  Mahesh  Yogi

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