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Mind-Body Coherence

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Unifying Coherence Between Mind and Body

In our busy modern world, technological advancements have created many conveniences that have sped up and changed many of our daily activities and the way we communicate. This increased productivity has led to more workload in less time and more rapid and abbreviated communications with less conscious thought.

We have more telephone, video, text, and email communications than face-to-face in-person conversations, and hand-written letters have been replaced with a keyboard. As we have become more engaged with social media and electronic data exchanges in business and personal interactions, we have also lessened the reception of communication between our body and mind.

The visual stimuli and electronic activity can also contribute to a dulling of our natural urges of thirst, hunger, the need to use the restroom, and our much-needed requirement for movement and rest.


These natural urges get suppressed, and we no longer recognize the messages our bodies send until they present themselves as symptoms or conditions of imbalance.


Implementing and applying the practices and modalities of AyurVeda Wellness help bring unification of communication and coherence between body and mind. Mind-Body coherence allows us to be more in tune with our emotional, mental, physical, biological, nutritional, social, and spiritual needs. 

The Importance of Mind-Body Coherence

Whether it be trauma, stress, technological overload, social chaos, or social isolation, mind-body coherence can be affected. Practices and measures to increase the communication between the body and mind can increase stress tolerance in future exposures.


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