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  • As the mind releases past impressions, experiences, un-serving belief systems, attachments, and preconceptions that limit our ability to freely take in information and assimilate into beneficial Knowledge for our development and growth—our mind expands to greater levels of understanding, peace, equanimity, proficiency, intuition, and spontaneous Wisdom or discernment instead of judgments of duality & separation.

  • In AyurVeda, this limiting duality of mind is called Pragyapradh, 'the mistake of the intellect.'

  • The expansion of mind is interdependently connected with communication with the heart and the heart's expansion.


  • The expansion of the heart, like the mind, is directly related to the release or dissolution of past emotional experiences that can trigger emotional reactions, apprehensions, upsets, and misperceptions of others' emotional status or cues.  

  • As past emotional hurts or attachments are healed, the heart expands with love, compassion, empathy, joy, and forgiveness.  

  • As the mind and heart heal, they become more integratively communicative—blending the intellect with the emotional center for higher states of consciousness, health, well-being, and a more blissfully peaceful life experience regardless of external circumstances.

  • The expansion of heart is freedom from limiting & lingering fears, sorrow, grief, anger, mistrust, & confusion in identifying your emotionality.


  • According to AyurVeda, the purpose of life is the expansion of happiness within ourselves and within the lives of others.

  • As the mind and heart are given our intention and attention, we begin to seek behaviors, relationships, nutrition, rest, activities, and daily routines more conducive to creating & supporting happiness.

  • When we are liberating ourselves from our own unnecessary suffering, we are also contributing to the liberation of the suffering of others through our influence & interactions. 

  • When happiness is generated from within, all additional good fortune only adds to our joy, & external circumstances do not diminish the happiness we have established.


  • As we are releasing stress & increasing our happiness, everything we think, speak, & do is done in happiness for the purposes of expanding happiness.

  • When less encumbered by stress, unresolved emotions, & limiting beliefs, our purpose becomes more apparent.

  • With this clarity, our purpose is demonstrated in all life activities. We extend that purpose beyond employment into our vocation.

  • In AyurVeda, this vocation is referred to as Dharma—the inherent gift we give the world according to the Laws of Nature. In other belief systems, it may be referred to as a calling, innate aptitude, natural ability, a gift, unique talent, or destined purpose.



  • The expansion of influence is when we are living in accordance with Nature & our own true Nature. Our intention & attention is upon cultivating our highest potential, as well as recognizing the potential in others.

  • When our thoughts, actions, & purpose are all aligned without expectations or attachments to outcomes—we have a greater alignment with authentically impacting our environment, interactions, relationships, & everything we set out to accomplish with less mental & emotional effort or stress.

  • We have gained this assurance that peace, love, & unity is within us, not outside of us—we are no longer searching, doubting, & struggling but continuing in that which we indeed are.


  • In AyurVeda, the Self is infinite & eternal. The expansion of Self is the development of continued connection with Pure Consciousness in our mind, heart, & physiology.

  • The understanding of a Supreme Being, or the Self, also known as Pure Consciousness, correlates with other belief systems by different references:

  • Creative Intelligence, the Consciousness of Christ, the Mind of Christ, Brahman, Atman, Higher Power, Divine Will, 'being created in the image of God

  • Ourself being a conscious being or spiritual being from a Source of Consciousness. 

  • One with God/Creator/Spirit or being one with Nature, or one with the Universe

  • The concept of a Universal ​Consciousness/ Community Collectivism to which we are all connected & contribute.



(Interpretation, Attribution, & Approximation)

  • Fields of Science have underlying laws and theories of existence: Big Bang, Evolutional Ancestry, Expansion of the Universe, Gravity/Antigravity, Unified Field Theory, Superstring Theory, Quantum Field Theory, Point Singularity, Relativity, Cause and Effect, States of Consciousness, etc., determining that forces, matter, mind, and phenomena are all in some way interdependent and connected. 

  • Denominations of Religion and Belief Systems have underlying laws and tenets of faith based upon a Supreme Being, human beings created in the image of their Creator, Laws of Nature/Creation, societal laws/government/hierarchy, a spiritual realm, and a physical realm; levels of consciousness, conscience, or maturity; Unmanifest Dynamism/Everything and Nothing; becoming one with the Father/Christ/God/Universe /Mother Earth /Goddess, etc., and all denote causation, actions and consequence, and interdependency between Creator and Creation, or mechanisms of Creative Intelligence and Design.

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