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Living in Harmony

A balanced life begins within—Inner harmony determines outer harmony regardless of circumstances—the establishing of balance between adequate rest and appropriate activity.  In the modern ever-advancing world, developing inner equanimity determines response, stress tolerance, and spontaneous right action and is foundational to harmony.

Beautiful background of mountain and foliage out of focus, with a stack of balancing round stones displayed in the midst of a river in the foreground.
A group hikers in the Spring wearing backpacks.  A beautiful young woman waving at the camera.
A superimposed image of a woman meditating in silence with a translucent image of a busy hallway of people walking in opposite directions.
A group of happy smiling people with their hands stacked in the center of the photo.

The Harmony of  Life

State of Mind

The state of mind is how we choose to start our day with intention and attention to what is most essential for us to achieve in the moment-to-moment of our current day.  With our initial intent for the day, upon waking, we set the tone of our mindset to be fully present in our attention.  This attention to the moment is one of the first steps in establishing harmony.  A distracted mind is challenged to experience or create harmony. These aspects of 'presence' correlate with mindfulness and are also associated with meditative contemplation principles and practices.


Adam Caar


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