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Health & Happiness Begin Within


ANGELVEDA is primarily an educational enrichment resource for 

individuals desiring to learn the foundational unifying principles of AyurVedic health, wellness, and for the

expansion of happiness with the support of Nature.

ANGELVEDA.COM has been created to be a virtual sanctuary for individuals desiring to be part of an online community with intention and attention upon expansion of happiness through alignment with Nature and support of Nature through Integrative AyurVedic educational enrichment videos, forum discussions, informational blogs, eBooks, individual online consultations, and online community gatherings.

ANGELVEDA.COM is a place to ask questions and share your thoughts, experiences, and the knowledge, wisdom, and insights you have gained throughout your journey with a supportive community of diverse individuals with one unifying bond of expansion of happiness within and with others.  

I appreciate your interest—I welcome you and look forward to having you as a member of our expanding community!


The Foundation of Health & Happiness is Established in Consciousness

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AyurVedic Consultant and Content Creator

Angela holds a bachelor in AyurVeda Wellness and Integrative Health, an IARC certification in Integrative Holistic Nutrition, and an HHMB certification in Ayurvedic Reproductive Health—with a love of learning, receiving, and sharing knowledge.



Setting Intention to be Happy & Healthy

Setting our intention to be happy and healthy opens ourselves to creating happiness and health within ourself, our environment, with others, and establishing healthy relationships with those that are also intent on being happy and healthy.



Connecting with Our Highest Self

Connection with our Highest Self through a selection of practices of Restorative Meditation, Meditative Prayer, Yoga Asanas, Vedic Recitation, Gandharva, Pranayama, a Daily Routine Aligned with Nature, Enriching Literature, or Behavioral Rasayanas. 



Purification of  Mind & Body

Purification of the mind and body is the release and dissolution of psychoemotional, neurological, physiological, and metabolic stress from the mind-body system through establishing practices that minimize existing stress, toxins, and increase stress tolerance.

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Daily Fulfillment & Satisfaction

Satiation through developing nourishment from our thoughts, actions, interactions, experiences, perceptions, diet, digestion, and nutrition—Developing achievement, satisfaction, and fulfillment in all areas of daily life.



Expansion of  Mind & Heart

Expansion of the Mind and Heart through cultivating our highest potential and the balanced nature of cohesion between our intellect and emotional center in developing our state of consciousness toward greater happiness, increased health, and vitality.

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