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Thank you for your interest in an ANGELVEDA.COM membership.  It has been my vision to create an online community of individuals who are devoted to living more harmonious lives with having a virtual sanctuary and source of camaraderie accessible whenever they need or wherever they may be with an internet connection.

I look forward to becoming acquainted and reading your contributions to the forums. 

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Feel free to create a member profile that expresses and represents your unique personality. You are welcome to create a display name for your account.  If you are using your name, it is recommended only to use the initial of your last name and not to post specific details such as mailing address and phone number to protect your privacy and to have a reasonable level of anonymity.

It is preferred, but not required to have a profile photo or avatar. Please view the Terms of Service for Community Guidelines on profile photos and community standards.

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ANGELVEDA.COM is committed to provide and uphold a community of diversity in harmony—based upon acceptance, compassion, respectfulness, and openness. Please, be considerate in your communications to reflect these qualities as you are being encouraged and supported to have a platform where your voice is honored, respected, and received without judgment—Words have the power to transform both, the writer and the reader. 

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There is a member chat feature for connecting with online members in real-time and for sending off-line messages.

Please, be mindful when using this app to uphold the intention and purpose of our community—Thank You!

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