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The Author of Being

It’s a beautiful Saturday—My intention and attention is upon Satiation and Satisfaction, “Taste and see the Lord is good: blessed is the one who trusts in Him!”

This photo I had taken represents a moment of one of the most pivotal paradigm shifts I had back in 2017. It had been several years in the making, but I had been somewhat resistant to the process. It wasn’t where I stood then or any place on Earth that I had been, but a place within myself that called to me wherever I would go or be.

Many friendships and relationships have either fallen away or changed in dynamic since the shift began in 2003. Most people are uncomfortable speaking openly about such topics or experiences for the ridicule, judgment, and alienation they may receive or have received from sharing with others. We all experience the unexplainable at some point or throughout our lives.

My mentor quoted to me in 1985, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

At age 15, it didn’t resonate with me. My Vedic counselor, early in our discussions, also stated, “Do not cast your pearls before swine or speak of private sacred things.” I couldn’t understand why I would consider the people in my life “swine,” it seemed so condescending to put it in that context that I had pearls of the sacred, and they were swine to withhold from or why sharing personal experiences amongst a group of spiritualists would be considered forbidden or admonished against.

However, when framed in the context of consciousness, it isn’t about devaluing people or thinking too highly of oneself, but having discernment of the timing and whether or not the present audience is who you should be sharing with.

I have made a mistake throughout my life, valuing others too highly and taking at face value that they were what they proclaimed. Just because a person, organization, or group of people profess to be all-inclusive, spiritual, holistic, masters, experts, teachers, enlightened, practitioners, or believers...does not mean they encompass or are operating in the tenets or have the gifts of what they have claimed to espouse.

Some people have been given gifts as part of their nature, others practice the crafts of spirituality—neither can boast. One is a gift, and the other is a path to be taken; both were not created by the individual but long beforehand that neither should ever feel superior or inferior to the other.

There is a Vedic saying, “A tree, when it has no fruit to offer, remains erect. But when the tree is laden with fruit, it bends down low.” This is the definition of humility.

The issue becomes that those that may practice the craft of spirituality want to be shown how to obtain the gifts. The one with the gifts cannot show how they obtained them because they were not earned or developed through practice—they give credit to the Creator. The practicer can infer or perceive that the one with the gift is implying the “practicers” are absent of relationship with the Creator or are refusing to share the “how” instead of being unable to do so. Animosity within the practicer can develop, and a level of frustration within the one with the gifts to convey so others may understand.

The one who practices the craft can teach the practices to others to help those seeking the path. The one with the gift cannot teach anything—they can only share what has been given and give guidance to seek the Source of all gifts.

The one with the gift sees and recognizes the Creator in everything and the underlying Truth in all practices and may find great Joy in operating in many fields without ever committing to one practice as the sole means.

The practicer may believe that learning all the different fields may bring the equivalent of gifts without ever seeking the Source of All.

The practicer may attempt to disparage, discourage, and dispel the one with the gift. This behavior only impedes and distracts the practicer away from their own development in the Absolute field of life while only continuing in the attempt of establishing to achieve more practices and expertise in the relative field of life.

The one with the gift may be momentarily disheartened, needing some time to reconcile, but continues in the journey of relationship with Source and their own evolution of greater permeation of discernment in navigating the relative material field of life through the Absolute.

I am an expert at nothing, only open to all that is given within the realm of Source, which is everything in the manifest and unmanifest field of Life that I may so gratefully be privileged to receive within this finite framework of this physical lifetime with the infinite possibilities of Spiritual Being.

I am/We are not here to compete—only to evolve, increase in spiritual maturity, and encourage others to do the same. There is no practice or expertise to be obtained. There is only Knowing and Being, which is between the knower, the process of knowing, and the Known—it is only the intention and attention of being within and near the deep stillness [“Be Still and Know I AM.].” All the doing and learning in this world will never achieve it (only momentary experiences of equanimity)—it is received through surrender and submission to [the] Authority, not in becoming [an] authority, but walking in and with [the] Authority.

“Being” calls one to action, but the action does not call one into Being.

The speaking or writing of words of profundity is meaningless unless experienced—the experience of the Author.

To be a pen continually filled with ink by and in the hand of the Author is far greater than seeking the credit of authorship—for the purpose that others seek to know the Author and not the glorification and promotion of the pen.

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