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Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Hello, I am Angela, creator of ANGELVEDA. Thank you for your interest in becoming a member! I am looking forward to sharing my vision, the fundamental knowledge, and the message of the beauty of AyurVeda with you.


Where & When it all began - My Personal Story

In 2013, I was a third-year biology major with an emphasis in nutrition and kinesiology, when I was diagnosed with a rare autonomic neurovascular condition, and after three-and-a-half years of traditional Western medical treatment and prescribed pharmaceuticals, I had no improvement with a steady continued neurological decline—I started searching for the possible cause and researching alternative methods and a nutritional approach.

What I Found

The initial articles I found were on the use of essential oils for brain injuries, nerve damage, and nerve pain. I was ecstatic to give essential oils a try after reading the peer-reviewed research and trial findings. I called a dear friend that has been a holistic wellness practitioner for years, and also an essential oil distributor.

Susan assisted me with purchasing the essential oils, as well as making other recommendations that were instrumental in locating other helpful resources. While I waited for the essential oils to arrive, I continued researching. I discovered articles on essential oil use with Kansa wands (Kansa-what-uh?), for helping with lymphatic drainage, facial edema, and decreasing nerve damage. Kansa wands were also heralded to be beneficial for skin tonicity and improving blood flow. I was skeptical, but I knew manual lymphatic massage was legitimate, and that reducing the friction and drag on the skin would also be helpful—so, I gave Kansa wands a try.

Within just the first two weeks of using the recommended essential oils and Kansa wands, I was having less facial nerve pain, less facial swelling, and the muscle tone of the affected side of my face was beginning to improve!

I had also found several recipes for Turmeric Golden Milk that were recommended for the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric. I decided to combine multiple ingredients from the different recipes and came up with my own Turmeric Latte blend with several spices, homemade cashew milk. and ingestible essential oils infused in organic cold-pressed coconut oil. The spices and essential oils I chose were the ones that were food grade and that I had researched for reducing inflammation, nerve pain, and for calming the nervous system. After the third night of drinking the latte an hour before bed, I was sleeping better and was experiencing less pain upon waking. I had HOPE!!

The Real Moment of Discovery

I joined a nutritional health and wellness group (FMTV) on Facebook and had shared my experiences, the spices, oils, Kansa wands, and Turmeric Latte recipe. Someone asked me if I was practicing AyurVeda, because Turmeric Golden Milk, Kansa, and the spices I was finding beneficial were all related to AyurVeda or modalities of AyurVeda. I starting searching online and buying books for beginners for AyurVeda. The more practices I found and tried over the next year-and-a-half, the better I felt. It was primarily reconnecting my attention and lifestyle to nature, nutrition specific to my unique needs, a beneficial daily routine, good sleep, and a mindset of gratitude that was making such a difference in my health and overall well-being with such simple and easy daily applications and practices. By 2018, I began looking to see if there were any accredited universities that offered degrees in AyurVeda. I found an accredited university that would be offering its first online courses for a bachelor in AyurVeda Wellness and Integrative Health in the spring of 2019, and I enrolled. The courses and Vedic Knowledge were as beautifully engaging as they were profound and I obtained my degree! I have shared so much of what I have learned with so many family members, friends, and loved ones over the past several years and have seen the benefits and impact on their lives, as well as mine. I want to continue learning, sharing, and assisting others in discovering the principles of AyurVeda, aligning themselves with Nature, being happier, living more balanced lives, reaching their highest potential, and addressing the root cause—instead of only managing the symptoms of any imbalance. This is the reason behind the name, ANGELVEDA: Angel means messenger; Veda means Knowledge. I want to share the message of Knowledge that is beneficial to increase Health & Happiness, and encourage others to share their message from personal experiences on their own journey of realizing their highest potential and becoming their highest self. Thank YOU for reading! I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to Health & Happiness!

With Much Love & Gratitude,


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