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Thank You for your time in viewing and agreeing to the TOS and the commitment to community standards.

The information on this site is provided for educational enrichment purposes only.

The information provided is not to substitute licensed medical care.

I am fully responsible and liable for my own health and well-being:  I make decisions at my own risk and discretion.

I will use this site for its intended purpose of educational enrichment and community support.  I will conduct and represent myself according to the intended purpose and terms of service of the website.

I will respect the rights and privacy of the site owner and the community members: I will also take the appropriate steps and measures to protect my private personal information.

ANGELVEDA.COM is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease or disorder.

In a health emergency: I will seek licensed medical facilities and practitioners.

I will consult and discuss all recommendations with my healthcare practitioner for their approval.

I will NOT use this site for maliciousness, malfeasance, spamming, explicit content/images, malware, or solicitation of any kind.  I will uphold the TOS.


ANGELVEDA.COM provides a reasonable amount of security and privacy protection, but cannot be held responsible or liable for any unreasonable and unforeseen breaches. Thank You! 

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